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Sep 30, 2023Liked by Jeff Thomas Black

Knowing our history, how can anyone support using money and owning private property?

These two, so-called rights give Capitalists (wealthy investors) the ability to provide a service: lending.

Give Countries (government leaders) a way to make money: printing and taxing.

Give Companies (business owners) greater leverage through profits: buying and selling.

Give Workers (poor and middle class families) a permanent place in society: keeping Capitalism, Nationalism, Consumerism, and Wageism alive.

Any global system offering endless opportunities for poverty, war, corruption, and pollution to exist is destined to ruin our planet therefore risk our chances of survival. Truth be known, fair laws, humane policies, and safe practices are the better solution. Scientific Socialism promises universal protection “for all by all” by granting everyone equal access to health and balance everywhere.


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